About Us

Executive Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Thank you for your interest in and support of Catholic Family & Community Services (CFCS).

CFCS is one of the three Catholic Charities agencies in the Diocese of Paterson. CFCS supports the community through a variety of services including early childhood education and developmental intervention, emergency services to prevent or address homelessness, food pantries, veteran outreach and case management, behavioral health services and services for people with HIV/AIDS, day programs and in-community support programs for Senior Citizens. The people who seek help from CFCS may be homeless, unemployed or underemployed. They are seniors, veterans, individuals and families with young children. Over 30,000 clients receive services from CFCS each year! They come from all walks of life, all races, religions and cultures who share a common need for human kindness.

Though news reports suggest our economy is recovering, CFCS and our clients have not yet experienced this. Our clients live in some of the poorest communities in Passaic, Morris and Sussex Counties. Many work for minimum wage and often work multiple jobs to make ends meet. CFCS bridges an ever widening gap between public resources and poverty, but we need the continued support of our generous friends, supporters, vendors and colleagues who share our passion to support the poor and vulnerable in our communities, to meet the demand for services.

While the majority of our funding comes from government grants and contracts, CFCS and our clients have been the grateful beneficiary of generous donations from throughout the community. The generosity that we experience at CFCS comes in the form of both money and time. Every year CFCS enjoys the support of over 300 volunteers, some individuals, some groups, who spend a total of 8,500 hours helping at CFCS in a variety of ways. Many of our services, especially those that are un-funded or under-funded such as our Meals on Wheels program for Seniors, and our food pantries throughout Passaic, Morris and Sussex Counties, rely almost entirely on our volunteers. Without these supports- of money and time— CFCS could not provide the breadth and scope of services that are the hallmarks of our agency’s mission.

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, staff and clients of CFCS, we thank you all for partnering with us to serve those in need. We could not do all that we do without all of your support!

With gratitude and best regards,
Chris Barton, MSW, LCSW
Executive Director