Creating hope in

  • Preschool Children for educational success
  • Low income families for stable housing
  • Seniors and volunteers for self sufficiency

Changing lives

in children and adults who struggle with mental illness or addictions and enabling a future for better health and improved quality of life.

Providing help

for vulnerable adults with case management and social services to meet basic needs.


Advocacy is an integral component of the work of Catholic Charities. The very mission of our organization is to advocate for justice on behalf of vulnerable populations-those that do not have the voice and the means to enjoy a respectable quality of living.

Community Resources

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Inspirational StoriesDevon's Story

On Friday, April 17th, after 4:30 pm, when most employees of Catholic Family and Community Services would be getting ready to leave, Mr. Davon LeGrier, a social worker


Anually, more than 70,000 poor, needy and distressed individuals came to us at at CFCS. In 2015, CFCS distributed...